Your health and wellness are an integral part of your life.

Here is why you should schedule a free half hour consultation with Dr. Marc Rabinowitz for award-winning Concierge Medicine Doctor in Bucks County PA

There’s Something Missing In Healthcare Today.

When was the last time healthcare was focused on prolonging a healthy, happy life? It’s time to put prevention first. Your concierge medical doctor in Bucks County, PA is here for you.


Creating A Bond With Your Physician

Complete with a one and a half-hour comprehensive physical exam assessing your physical fitness levels, nutrition, sleep styles, family history, and mental health.


Being There When You Need Us

Ensuring patients are always seen within 24 hours & providing house calls when medically necessary. You will even be provided with your doctor’s personal mobile number.


Providing Immediate Access To Award Winning Specialists

In every field possible from the most prestigious health care systems in the region.


Tools To Live Longer And Better

Focusing on proper eating, exercise and emotional well being. Complimentary private events/seminars for patients.

“By taking a proactive role in your health, you can potentially avoid a major health crisis, actually save money in prescription costs and doctor co-pays, not to mention insurance premiums.

– Marc S. Rabinowitz M.D. –

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The latest health information from Dr. Marc Rabinowitz, your concierge medicine doctor.

Who fights for you when you are ill?

Who fights for you when you are ill? We do every day at Prevention First Healthcare. Do a little experiment for me right now. Pull out your cell phone, call your doctor, and see if you can get an appointment today. See if you can reach your doctor on their personal cell phone. I know that you can’t. Only at Prevention First Healthcare do we fight for our patients when they are ill every single day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. When a patient comes in with a potentially serious problem, does your doctor get on the … Continue reading Who fights for you when you are ill?

How much is the value of a life?

How much is the value of a life? Is the value of a life worth $5 a day? Is it worth a premium cup of coffee or iced tea? That’s all it costs to be a member of Prevention First Healthcare. Sure, insurance is nice when you’re ill, but it’s not getting you into your doctor’s office when you don’t feel well, at least not for three months. It’s all about access to your physician. When you don’t feel well, you call our office that has live receptionists. Private phone lines are answered immediately. If you need to be seen, … Continue reading How much is the value of a life?

Is your Doctor Available for you?

  Is your Doctor Available for you? The 3 A’s of medical care are: ~Ability ~Affability ~Availability Fortunately, most doctors are able, hopefully they are affable, but what they are NO longer, is available. Is your doctor AVAILABLE for you? At Prevention First Healthcare, our physician, Dr. Marc Rabinowitz, is available for you when you need it! We started Prevention First Healthcare with the notion that we want to be as available as possible to our patients when they need us the most. Many doctors only have 7-10 minutes to give for each patient visit. Our doctor provides an hour … Continue reading Is your Doctor Available for you?

Tripledemic Winter 2022-2023

  There’s a tripledemic this winter of 2022-2023. If you are not feeling well, it could be Covid-19, the Flu, or RSV. Call your doctor to find out about testing. If you haven’t received your Covid-19 or Flu vaccines, please contact your physician.  They are helpful in prevention the spread of these viruses.  The elderly are especially vulnerable with these infections.  The tripledemic is easing and even starting to decline overall, however, it’s smart to keep your guard up. Our patients at Prevention First Healthcare have immediate accessibility to their doctor and appointments if they are sick. Call 215-PREVENT if … Continue reading Tripledemic Winter 2022-2023


Get a Physical

Small changes can make a big difference in your health! Get a physical for a comprehensive map of your current health and well-being and don’t wait until you’re sick to go to the doctor.


Get Moving

Every little bit counts, and it all adds up. Park in the farthest spot in the lot, take the stairs in the office building instead of the elevator, walk in place while you’re watching TV, or have a dance party with your kids. The important thing is to get up and move


Shed the Bread

Get rid of one slice of bread, and you’ll be getting rid of 100 calories a day. If you start doing that now, you could be 10 pounds lighter by year’s end!


So Long Supersize Plate

Change your dinner plate from 11 inches to 9 inches and you’ll cut your portion size by almost 20%. You won’t be missing much when you are eating, but after a while, you’ll notice you might be missing something from your midsection.


Go Nuts

Full of fiber, protein and unsaturated fats, nuts are a terrific snack choice when it comes to curbing your appetite. Just don’t go overboard – portion sizes still count!