How much is the value of a life?

How much is the value of a life? Is the value of a life worth $5 a day? Is it worth a premium cup of coffee or iced tea? That’s all it costs to be a member of Prevention First Healthcare. Sure, insurance is nice when you’re ill, but it’s not getting you into your doctor’s office when you don’t feel well, at least not for three months.

It’s all about access to your physician. When you don’t feel well, you call our office that has live receptionists. Private phone lines are answered immediately. If you need to be seen, it will be theday that you call, not three months from now. Our patients are never told, go to the urgent care because we have no room. If this is the kind of care that you wish to receive- true personalized health care where you’re treated like you’re the only patient in the practice, Call us today at 215-PREVENT.

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