Who fights for you when you are ill?

Who fights for you when you are ill?

We do every day at Prevention First Healthcare.
Do a little experiment for me right now. Pull out your cell phone, call your doctor, and see if you can get an appointment today. See if you can reach your doctor on their personal cell phone. I know that you can’t.

Only at Prevention First Healthcare do we fight for our patients when they are ill every single day, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. When a patient comes in with a potentially serious problem, does your doctor get on the phone with the specialist and spend 30 or 40 minutes discussing the case, determining what is the best plan of care so your time isn’t wasted?
Do they get on the phone and make the appointment personally so that you’re not kept waiting months to see a specialist, months to have a test performed?

We do it every day at Prevention First HealthCare,
and nobody does this better than we do.
My network of relationships spans the length of the East Coast, from Boston down to Baltimore, and sometimes even into Florida. You will never understand how many times a patient will come in with a malignancy and the patient will say, can you get me into Memorial Sloan Kettering? Can you get me into Fox Chase Cancer Center? Can you get me into Penn? And I pick up the phone and through my collegial relationships with the other physicians, I make this happen every single day.
You cannot get this care in any other practices, and I don’t think you can get it in any other concierge practice. I’ve been doing this for many years. I am highly respected in the community. And we have a practice that is thriving with happy patients who are healthy because they receive this type of care.

Unfortunately, no one can predict when they’re going to become ill.
No one can predict when they are going to need someone to fight for them, to find them the best specialist for their condition. This is what we do before you get sick, before you actually need this level of care, join our practice today.

We are there for you when you are healthy, but very importantly, we are there to fight for you- when and if you become ill.
Call us today.215-PREVENT Or see us on the web at 215prevent.com.

I’m Dr. Marc Rabinowitz. Thank you for your attention.