Quoted in Men’s Health

Dr. Marc Rabinowitz of Prevention First Healthcare was quoted in this November 17, 2020 Men’s Health article,

Your Thanksgiving Plans Aren’t Worth the Risk

Nearly 40% of Americans say they’ll gather in large groups for the holidays. Please don’t do it.

“For Marc S. Rabinowitz MD, founder of Prevention First Healthcare in Southampton, PA, who himself had COVID-19, many of his patients who have tested positive have traced the source of their infection back to gatherings of multiple people who were not wearing masks.”

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The flu season during a pandemic

It’s more important than ever to get your flu shot this year. During the coronavirus pandemic, the flu is not going away. Make sure you consult with your doctor and protect yourself from the seasonal flu. Prevention First Healthcare provides an annual physical of an hour and a half to review all of your health needs and make recommendations for vaccinations and follow ups.

If this is the type of medical care you desire, contact us at 215-PREVENT.

Physician access during the pandemic

Find out more about what Dr. Marc Rabinowitz of Prevention First Healthcare says about Telehealth and having access to your doctor during a pandemic.

Covid-19 Information for Patients

During this pandemic, Prevention First Healthcare is taking the appropriate steps to protect our patients as well as our staff.

Please review our Coronavirus/Covid-19 information for patients.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, alteration in taste or smell, body aches, headache, sore throat or diarrhea, please call the office at 215-PRE-VENT and we will direct you how to proceed.
All patients are screened by phone before appointments are scheduled.
In certain circumstances patients are evaluated while they remain in their car. Their temperature is taken and Covid-19 testing may be performed as well, via nasal swab. 

Our office remains open to serve our patients with all of their healthcare needs as it always has.
-We see one patient at a time, with no one in the waiting room.
-Our patients are given a mask and gloves upon entry to the office.
-The rooms are disinfected thoroughly between visits and all staff are practicing social distancing, washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and wearing masks & gloves.
-We offer coronavirus antibody testing from blood samples. These are sent to either Lab Corp or Quest to ensure reliability.

It is important to see our patients In-Person.
Many times the diagnosis of medical problems can only be made by performing a physical examination in conjunction with taking medical history.
Often, just looking at a patient is an indication of how ill they may be.
We are also continuing to coordinate ALL aspects of medical care by directly communicating with subspecialists and arranging appointments, even during this period of time where there is limited access to care. 

We continue to provide after-hours care as I may be reached directly by my cell phone for urgent problems. 

It remains our privilege at Prevention First Healthcare to care for the many people who trust us with the most important thing in their life, their health. 

Marc S. Rabinowitz M.D.

Coronavirus: Being hopeful

Dr. Marc Rabinowitz of Prevention First Healthcare speaks about Coronavirus updates.

We are hopeful that with future testing and research, a coronavirus vaccine will be available in 2021.

Coronavirus: Vaccine Update

Dr. Marc Rabinowitz of Prevention First Healthcare discusses the latest information about Coronavirus. We don’t have current treatment options. Preliminary vaccine possibilities are being tested for a potential COVID-19 vaccine available in 2021. Stay in touch with your doctor’s office.


Coronavirus advice: Wash your hands.

Coronavirus advice from Dr. Marc Rabinowitz of Prevention First Healthcare. Wash your hands frequently and refrain from touching your face. Recite the alphabet when you wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Use Purell frequently.

Coronavirus Information about travel

Coronavirus concern: What should I do if I come in contact with someone who has recently travelled? Watch Dr. Marc Rabinowitz as he tackles this and other relevant Coronavirus concerns at https://215prevent.com/viewourvideos/

Coronavirus Information about senior citizens

Watch this tip of the day from Dr. Marc Rabinowitz of Prevention First Healthcare. The elderly are most susceptible when it comes to COVID-19. Please be careful when visiting senior or elderly relatives and friends.