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Meet Dr. Marc S. Rabinowitz M.D. Featured on CNN, MSNBC, NBC10, Action News, KYW News Radio and Philadelphia Business Journal. Named one of America’s Top Physicians by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

Growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs in the seventies, Marc S. Rabinowitz M.D. always knew he wanted to be a doctor and worked hard to learn the skills needed to be among the best in his profession. A Cum Laude graduate of LaSalle University, he received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Temple University, Alpha Omega Alpha in 1986 and went on as Dr. Marc Rabinowitz MD to be an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the School before entering in private practice in 1991.

While his proudest achievement will always be his children, Chloe and Dustin, Dr. Marc is honored to have become a nationally-recognized healthcare professional speaking frequently on the importance of preventative medicine and featured on CNN, MSNBC, NBC10, Action News, KYW News Radio and in the pages of the Philadelphia Business Journal. He served on the Medical Executive Committee and Board of Directors for Holy Redeemer Hospital, as well as the Board of Directors of the Patients and Physicians Alliance. In 2008, he received his highest professional honor being named one of America’s Top Physicians by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

Dr. Marc created Prevention First Healthcare in Southampton, PA because he felt that his patients deserved more than a traditional practice could provide; more time with their doctor, more research into their specific medical needs, and more knowledge how to live a happier, healthier life.

Prevention First Healthcare is located in Southampton, PA.  Our patients are from Doylestown, Warrington, Warminster, Furlong, Ivyland, Jamison, Newtown, Richboro, Abington, Jenkintown, Huntingdon Valley and the surrounding cities of Bucks County.

Experience Attentive and Personalized Concierge Medical Care in Bucks County, PA.



Alina F.

My Amazing Doctor When I signed up for a concierge medical practice it seemed like it was the right thing to do. I was healthy and saw my Doctor once a year, if that. On the other hand, my son had multiple issues at the time, fairly serious. Needless to say, we both signed up. I remember talking to the Doctor jokingly saying that "you will not be seeing me much, but my son is a frequent flyer". I had no idea what was ahead of me.Thank G-d my son is fairly healthy, but as soon as I signed up, my whole world crumbled.I became one of these patients that Doctors don't want to see, or just happily refer to another specialist saying that they can not find anything wrong. I am a health care professional, I know how it goes. You get a very complex patient that requires much of your time, attention, constant thinking, and you simply do not have the time. You need to see another patient, hopefully that one will be an "easy one". Many times I heard the words from all the specialists, the words that almost made me cry every time someone said them to me: "you are a challenging patient". Who wants to deal with the challenging patient? No one. My health deteriorated to the point where I became dependent on my husband for everything. The quality of life was non-existent. It seemed like there was no end to this misery. I am a very strong person. I was. Physically and mentally. I was the one who would take care of others and offered help to anyone in need. But being sick and in pain nearly broke me. The only people who truly understand this are the ones in my shoes. Others think that they do, but they really don't. Month after month, almost two years now, I was starting to lose hope. And hope is the only thing that you have going for you. The only person who never gave up on me was my Doctor, Dr. Marc Rabinowitz from Prevention First Healthcare. He was and he still is there for me anytime I need him. He never rushed me, he listened to me, he took care of me, always had an interesting story to share, and, most importantly, had a solution for that immediate situation. Whether it was a test, a medicine, a consultation, he was always thinking and trying to make me comfortable. He always gave me hope. He was confident that some day we will find the answer. And we will. He is an amazing Doctor, and he is a warm and a caring person. As I am sitting in his office while writing this story, he keeps checking on me in between the patients just to make sure I am ok. I had a major reaction to medications that I take now, and he had to tweak them a little, but wants to keep an eye on me. So I am spending a day in his office. Literally, not at the front desk, in his office, as he goes from patient to patient. This is the kind of care you get. There is no procedure code for this. This is called being a real human being. Dr. Rabinowitz gives you his cell phone number. And his patients call him day and night. I called on a weekend, at night, early in the morning and he took care of me. I  always felt bad about it, but he kept telling me that it was his job as a Doctor to help me, and that I should never apologize for bothering him. In the office everything seems so smooth, but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. And I have to say a big thank you to his front desk. There were so many instances when they spent hours on the phone trying to schedule me for a test that requires a lot of extra work. Hours! They called and scheduled me with specialists, and they manage to squeeze me in very quickly. There is no such thing as waiting for months. They do what the front desk does, but much more, and they do it with smiles and with care. A few more words about my Doctor and the specialists working as a team. There were so many times during my visit when Dr. Rabinowitz picked up the phone and spoke to the specialist before referring me to him, just to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that they understand what the problem is. I was in the hospital recently. The amount of work it took from the Doctor himself, his front desk and the specialists to coordinate the treatment, to approve the hospital stay, to administer the right medicine was enormous. It took letters from the specialists, phone calls to the insurance and much, much more that I am unaware of --all to pull this whole thing off. It is so important to have this type of care when you are sick and need help the most! Not everyone is so lucky. I feel that I am. I am sure that I am on the right path and we will find a solution that will change my life around. I am so grateful to my Doctor and his staff for all the help, for hope that you give me, and for just being there for me! The biggest Thank You to Prevention First Healthcare, Dr. Marc Rabinowitz, to all his staff, Mindy, Betsy & Sharon. I would not have done without you! Forever grateful, Alina F.


Barry S.

The driving force behind Prevention First Healthcare is that Dr. Marc has become the CEO of my personal healthcare. Everyone seems to have a lawyer, financial adviser and an accountant, but when it comes to healthcare I have found that many of my friends and family don’t have a true primary care physician who will take the time to analyze, organize and implement a strategy for one’s overall healthcare needs, including preventative measures. I know of other doctors who have over 5,000 patients to see and it’s just impossible for that doctor to give me great overall service that I receive with Prevention First Healthcare. From the in-depth health history that new patients review and electronically store with Dr. Marc, to the personalized attention in an emergency, the overall experience has been truly satisfying. The cost of health care is on the rise, but for what it costs at Starbucks each day, you can receive remarkably better health care because now you are receiving “efficient and thorough healthcare” with a CEO who can navigate you through the inefficient and complex healthcare system within our country today.


Sharon S.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and concern, care and support you gave to us during Dad’s illness. You are truly a special, unique doctor, and a wonderful, compassionate person. I will never forget your kind, gentle and professional manner. With love and thanks...


Anthony G.

I have known Dr. Rabinowitz for many years, from our time in college to the present. Marc’s diagnostic and clinical abilities are only surpassed by his compassion, ethics and concern for his patients. He has the unique ability to help you regain optimal health, and then works to be sure that you remain so. Marc is a gentleman, and someone who clearly cares about the patient. With his patient-centered approach to medicine, he truly is a rare breed. If you meet him, his approach and demeanor will put you at ease, and his clinical abilities will equally make you comfortable. There are few physicians who always place their patients first, and Marc is one of them.


Arlene M.

Dr. Marc Rabinowitz provides OUTSTANDING CARE to all his patients. My experience with him and his staff has been exceptional! He is available 24/7. He deserves “THE BEST OF PHILLY.”


Jeffrey B.

Since joining Prevention First Healthcare, Dr. Marc has helped me to better understand how all the various health issues come together to make me who I am and to understand how changing something will help other things down the line.


David A.

Dr. Rabinowitz is the most compassionate and patient doctor I have ever known. He has cared for me and my family for many years. He took care of my mother as if she was his mother. As far as I am concerned he is the BEST in his field.


Margaret M.

Since joining Prevention First Healthcare, Dr. Marc has helped me by being available at all times. On a few occasions I did contact Dr. Rabinowitz outside of office hours. His advice was extremely helpful. I am also grateful not only for his care in times of illness, but for his counsel regarding maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Robert S.

I have been Dr. Marc’s patient since he started Prevention First Healthcare. Marc and his team of skilled professionals have always shown me the very best care possible with the utmost patience and friendliness. Thanks to Marc’s emphasis on “wellness care” I remain very healthy. On the few occasions I had an emergent issue, even after hours or on a weekend, Marc was right there for me in a flash. I know I can expect the best care possible from Dr. Marc for a few extra dollars a week!


Sol S.

Dr. Marc Rabinowitz was the best thing to happen to me. After six pneumonias and hospitalizations, he has kept me out of the hospital with anything major for three years. The care and preventive medicine he gives patients is amazing. Dr. Rabinowitz spends so much time with me and then calls to follow up. If a specialist is needed, he knows and has access to the best….He gives the best medical care a person would ever need. It cost a pittance to have this care. Less than I spend for coffee. In all seriousness1, if Dr. Rabinowitz is not your doctor and you are able to join his practice you’re making a mistake if you do not take advantage.


Andrea R.

I feel comfortable with calling him about any problem that concerns me. If I have to leave a message, Dr. Marc calls back personally and will talk to me, in depth, about what is going on. I really appreciate being able to get an appointment that same day if needed, and if I don’t think I need to be seen that day, I am seen the next morning. There have been times when multiple issues were presented and Dr. Marc would call my specialists while I sat there in his office. The office makes my appointments for me with my specialists, if needed, at that time and Dr. Marc coordinates all the findings and gets back to me as soon as the results are available to him. To top off his extensive medical knowledge, his demeanor is calming and his engaging personality and quick smile are just what makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have found him as my internist.


Ruth G.

Since joining Prevention First Healthcare, Dr. Marc has helped me with many and any issues I’ve had. He’s a wonderful diagnostician and just a wonderful, compassionate doctor and person. Joining Prevention First Healthcare is peace of mind.


Herb and Francine L.

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Marc Rabinowitz for well over 20 years. During that period of time we have found him to care for our well-being beyond any reasonable expectation. Marc has opened his office early on a few occasions to see us when dealing with an unexplained illness. Dr. Rabinowitz is more than a physician; he is truly a friend. A genuine friend that puts you first when in need. A friend that, without hesitation, consults with recognized specialists to successfully diagnosis a difficult medical condition. Marc truly cannot rest until he has restored our health as evidenced by his follow up phone calls to our home to determine full recovery. If he sees a need for a follow-up visit we see him immediately, every time. Additionally, his new found concierge service is exceptional. We are blessed to have access to such professional care. My wife and I have become spoiled. We can only hope that Marc Rabinowitz practices for many years to come.


Stephen W.

Dr. Marc helped me streamline my medical needs by allowing me to have direct cell phone access to him when I need an answer. As a busy business owner, my time is important so when I have an office visit, not having to wait means a lot to me. He also saves me time by scheduling appointments with specialists when I need them. I am very pleased to be in his care.


Richard R.

Dr. Marc’s personal, detailed attention to not only my care but my entire family’s care has been incredible. His adjustments to my medications have me feeling better than ever and if any of us need to see a specialist, we know that if Dr. Marc recommends them, they are the best in the business. Setting up the specialist appointments for us is much appreciated and leads to less hassles. My wife spent a long time with severe back pain before coming to see Dr. Marc. He recommended a surgeon and made sure she was seen as quickly as possible. She has now been virtually pain free for several years. We love Prevention First and can’t imagine our healthcare without it. Please keep it up!


Jackie and John G.

Thank you so much for the high level of compassion and concern that you always show to us! We are grateful to have you as our physician and friend and we deeply value the outstanding medical care you provide! A special thank you for the extra support you have provided to help J with his headache situation. Your undivided attention during visits, phone calls to check in and collaborations with the neurologist are truly appreciated. This has been a particularly challenging time for us; however, your expert guidance has been helpful. We are hopeful that with your continued expertise and support that J will soon experience relief and improvement from his chronic headaches.


Charlie M.

Since Dr. Rabinowitz began his personal care practice, the ability to get immediate attention from his staff, and quickly speak or schedule a time with the doctor has been a wonderful change for us. Access to quality healthcare, from friendly and truly concerned providers is our first priority. We firmly believe preventative medicine can maintain and extend our quality of life. We are now more confident in maintaining our health, coordinated by Dr. Rabinowitz.


John B.

I have a feeling of security and well-being since I joined Dr. Marc and Prevention First Healthcare. The amount of time and personal attention to my health that he gives me is priceless and at age 74 I will be making the MS bike ride to Ocean City and back this fall for the ninth consecutive year. Life is good.


Sherry and Lee K.

Since becoming patients in Dr. Rabinowitz’s new model of practice, we have enjoyed an extraordinary level of peace of mind. Knowing that we have almost instant access to our doctor and that our specialists are being coordinated and overseen by him is very valuable to us. We feel that one of the best decisions was to become patients in this very special practice.


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