July 2013 by Marc S. Rabinowitz, M.D.
Obamacare is Rapidly Approaching…Are You Prepared?

Posted on July 9, 2015

The numbers are staggering: 35 million new people added to the healthcare system, 10 thousand baby boomers turning 65 every day for the next 19 years, and 50 thousand doctors retiring in the next 7 to 10 years should make everyone feel concerned about the changing face of healthcare. Already, it’s been increasingly more difficult to get an appointment with a doctor in a timely fashion, and with a shortage of primary-care physicians that will only increase, this could mean the end of the patient/doctor relationship like our parents grew up with, where we can trust when we need our doctor, he (or she) will be there for us.

Or is it? What if you spoke with a live person every time you called the doctor’s office, you were seen the day you called without waiting, and you were treated like a VIP immediately upon arrival? Imagine the doctor spending half an hour with you to discuss your concerns comprehensively, any appointments for tests or specialist visits immediately made for you by the office staff to expedite your care. Think this service is unattainable? Guess again – it’s here, and it costs only 4 dollars a day.

Welcome to the world of Prevention First Healthcare as practiced by Dr. Marc Rabinowitz. First, meet some patients who have elected to invest in their health and wellness by putting prevention first:

Like many of us, Barry felt fine until he ended up hospitalized with sudden, frequent headaches and weakness. Once he realized he needed to make a change, he joined Prevention First. “Dr. Marc has become the CEO of my personal healthcare. Everyone seems to have a lawyer, a financial adviser, and an accountant, but when it comes to healthcare, I have found that many of my friends and family don’t have a true primary care physician who will take the time to analyze, organize and implement a strategy for one’s overall healthcare needs, including preventive measures. The cost of healthcare is on the rise, but for what it costs at Starbucks each day, you can receive REMARKABLY better health care because now you are receiving efficient and thorough healthcare with a CEO who can navigate you through the inefficient and complex healthcare system within our country today.”

Herb enjoyed good health until he was stricken with a fever of unknown origin requiring a great deal of time and coordination to solve his problem and bring him back to the good health which he enjoys today. “Dr. Rabinowitz is more than a physician, he is truly a friend. A friend that without hesitation, consults with recognized specialists to successfully diagnose a difficult medical condition. Marc truly cannot rest until he has restored our health as evidenced by his follow up phone calls to our home to determine our full recovery.”

Immediate access to the doctor, even “after hours” by calling the doctor’s personal cell phone (a benefit all Prevention First patients enjoy), has dramatically reduced hospitalization rates for many people like Sol. “Dr. Marc Rabinowitz was the best thing to happen to me. After six pneumonias and hospitalizations, he has kept me out of the hospital with anything major for years. The care and preventive medicine he gives his patients is amazing. It costs a pittance to have this care, less than I spend for coffee. In all seriousness, if Dr. Rabinowitz is not your doctor and you are able to join his practice you’re making a mistake if you do not take advantage.”

Access to the doctor is invaluable, but the foundation of true health lies with prevention. Most healthcare is reactive, as people tend to seek attention only once they become ill. Prevention First Healthcare is just the opposite: proactive. We perform 90-minute comprehensive annual physicals with special follow up visits to prevent illnesses before they rob you of your health and ultimately your life. No traditional medical practice can provide this as the standard time a doctor has with a patient is no more than five to 10 minutes.

Andrea, a Prevention First patient for many years, says “To top off his extensive medical knowledge, Dr. Marc’s demeanor is calming and his engaging personality and quick smile are just what makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have found him as my internist.”

The world of healthcare may be rapidly changing for many, but hundreds who choose to put prevention first are clearly adding years to their life and life to their years. Why don’t you join them today? To schedule your FREE consultation, call 215.PREVENT (215-773-8368) or visit www.215prevent.com.